The family

When Emile Terygeol bought the property, only 7 of the 15 hectares that comprise the estate were producing wine. He devoted himself to increasing their value while reinforcing the image of Pontoise among the businesses of Bordeaux. Thus, the Pontoise Cabarrus wines were sold en primeur like the vintages dating from 1855. This commercial approach established the notoriety of Pontoise and when François Tereygeol succeeded his father in 1973, he naturally developed this cultivation to bring it to the 28 hectares of gravel that today surrounds the original plots.

He then chose to seek the advice of his friend Jacques Boissenot and his son Eric, renowned enologists from Médoc, in order to maximize the quality of his vines.

For several years, Eric and Laurent Terygeol, his children, have continued the work begun more than 50 years ago to accentuate the value of this exceptional terroir.