The Wine
On our mature soil, the grapes are elevated and slowly complete their maturation throughout the month of September.
Once matured, we observe the vines and taste the berries daily in order to decide the perfect time to harvest.
The quality of care for the vines determines the quality of the grapes, and the day chosen to harvest the grapes determines the optimum maturity and quality of the wine. The Merlot grapes are picked first, then the Cabernet Franc, followed by Sauvignon and finally the Petit Verdot variety.
Once the grapes are in vats, each stage in the process must be adapted depending on the vintage. We must also determine the extraction and fermentation time necessary to obtain beautiful hues and elegant tannins, however the essential element is already complete, one cannot produce good wine with bad grapes…
Barrel aging brings an indisputable added value to the wine. Care must be taken not to plant too many vines, in order to promote micro oxygenation, which refines and respects the fruit.
All our wines are barrel aged for 12-14 months and one third of them are changed every year.