The Pontoise Cabarrus castle is a bourgeois vineyard in Saint Seurin de Cadourne. Its origins date back to the 18th century, when the vineyards of Saint Seurin were ranked in the same region as premier vineyards such as Pauillac, Margaux and Saint Julien.

Until 1795, it belonged to the Baron de BRANE, the famous vineyard owner of MOUTON, now known as MOUTON ROTHSCHILD.

Jean Valère CABARRUS, owner of the Château LAGRANGE then purchased it and decided to give his name to the estate. Pontoise became Pontoise Cabarrus.

The name of the castle would then be made famous thanks to the beautiful Thérésa CABARRUS, wife of the delegate TALLIEN and daughter of François de CABARRUS, banker to the King of Spain. Napoléon and Joséphine were their friends and were witnesses for their marriage.

In 1859 the CABARRUS family gave the land to the BOUILLAUD family who also owned the BROCHON vineyard, named after the famous Bordelais lawyers of the time. In 1959, Emile TEREYGEOL bought the land from Fernande BLOIS, a wine broker and descendant of the BOUILLAUD family, and the first woman in the Médoc region to work in the wine brokerage field.

As evidenced by the 1978 rankings, Château Pontoise Cabarrus is the “Cru Grand Bourgeois”, which places it among the best properties of the Haut Médoc region.