AOC Haut-Médoca diverse region

Château Pontoise Cabarrus springs from the lands of the Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) Haut-Médoc. This well regarded appellation promises a range of grape varieties and high quality red wines.

AOC Haut-Médoc
The vineyards of Haut-Médoc evolve in a natural setting
Les vignes du Haut-Médoc évoluent dans un écrin naturel

At the heart of the left bank The Haut-Médoc

Les vignes du Haut-Médoc évoluent dans un écrin naturel

Bordeaux is world famous for its wines and its territory includes many appellations that maintain its prestigious reputation today.

At the heart of the Left Bank, the Médoc area is divided into two parts: the Haut-Médoc appellation designates the southern half. It is an appellation which produces only red wine and which benefits from historical and prestigious know-how. Haut-Médoc has been part of the history and classification of Bordeaux wines since the 16th century.

Very close to the Gironde estuary and the Landes forests, the Haut-Médoc boasts a natural character and charming landscapes.

Map of the appellation

Le vignoble de Bordeaux
Les vignes du Haut-Médoc
Vignoble Pontoise Cabarrus

Soils and climate

Les vignes du Haut-Médoc
Vignoble Pontoise Cabarrus

Several types of soil characterize the Haut-Médoc.

The soils of the Domain are mainly composed of gravelly soils near the Gironde estuary and in keeping with those of the Grands Crus Classés.

For Château Pontoise Cabarrus, the main benefit lies in the natural drainage of the rains that this oceanic region often sees.

A soil conducive to cabernet sauvignon and to the elaboration of our wines.


The grape varieties of the appellation

Cabernet Sauvignon :

Cabernet Sauvignon is the traditional grape variety of the Bordeaux region. Cabernet Sauvignon reaches its full potential in the estate with a representation of almost 50%.

Its very particular fragrance gives the wine its typical aromas of black fruits, blackcurrant, liquorice and mint.

Its maturity is delayed due to the warmth of the gravel soils of the left bank, and it brings structure and vigorous tannins to the wine.

Merlot :

Merlot is the most widespread grape variety in Bordeaux vineyards.

Its smooth and round profile brings a lot of colour and fruit aromas to the wine like plum, fig and cherry.

The wines from Merlot have round and creamy characters. On the palate the tannins are silky, its acidity is moderate and its fleshy aspect gives it charm and a certain sensuality.

Petit Verdot :

Petit Verdot has very close links to the Haut-Médoc.
It is a difficult and capricious grape variety. Its fragility requires a lot of attention and work in order to reach maturity.

It is however one of the favorite grape varieties of the estate: when it is raised with attention, it offers the wine rich and supple tannins, an aromatic power and a very recognizable color. It can be used in blends with other grape varieties such as cabernet sauvignon or very rarely in single-grape wine, such as our Petit Verdot.



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